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Top 9 Cat Movies for Social Distancing

Posted by Emily McMahon on
cat with popcorn and drink

All cat lovers will agree, there’s nothing more uplifting than sitting at home, with your cat curled on your lap and getting stuck into a heartwarming cat film. With the world turning upside down and staying indoors becoming the new reality of our Summer 2020 - we thought it would be useful to put together a list of the most celebrated cat movies and documentaries to help you pass the time! We’ve included some classics, and some newbies - and a selection to appeal to all tastes. 

So, live like your cat, curl up and enjoy some of the best cat films and cat documentaries available to watch right now. 

The Best Cat Movies on Amazon Prime 

A Street Cat Named Bob 

*Included in Amazon Prime membership 

front cover of a street cat called bob movie

One of the most heartwarming films about cats has to be the true story of A Street Cat Called Bob. Based on an international best selling book, and a firm top pick on our list! 

We don’t quite know how long the new social distancing measures will be in place, but if you need something to lift your spirits then this is a must-watch cat film for you. The story follows James Bowen, a London busker, and recovering drug addict, and how he has his life transformed by a ginger stray cat he meets in the street. This is a truly heartwarming story, bound to make your laugh, cry and leave the film in awe of how transformational cats can be to us humans. 

The Planned Sequel - Street Cat Called Bob 2 

A Gift From Bob, the sequel was in production late last year, so hopefully the lockdown blows over quickly so we get to see what happened next in the lives of James and Bob. The world needs more great cat movies. 



*Available to purchase on Amazon Prime. 

The aristocrats best cat movies

This Disney classic is a must-see for all cat lovers. It is one of the best known and best-loved animated cat films ever made. A family of Parisian felines who are set to inherit a fortune from their owner has been kidnapped and left in the country by a jealous butler. A wiley tomcat is on hand to help them out. 

Have some time to kill? (We know you do!) Then why don’t you snuggle up with your cat and watch the best cat animated film around. 

The Lion King (2019) 

*Available to purchase on Amazon Prime.

cat animation scene from the lion king

If you love big cat films, the live-action remake of the Disney classic ‘The Lion King’ is a must-see. If you haven’t seen the animated original (who are you?) then it’s thoroughly recommended that you put your time on lockdown to good use and watch both versions. Following the murder of his father, a lion prince flees from home. A story of life’s difficult lessons told using big cats, what more could you ever ask for?


Cats the Movie 

*Available to purchase on Amazon Prime. 

Cats the Movie

It’s fair to say that the long-waited Cats Film has had a fair share of controversy. Based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, it drew a star cast from Judi Dench to James Corden, with some critics tearing it apart, whilst many ‘Cats’ fans championed its success. 

Love it or hate it, we think it’s worth a watch so you can make your own mind up

The best cat films on Netflix 


*Available on netflix 

Cats the mewvie front cover

The first on our list of cats on Netflix, isn’t strictly a film, but a documentary that gives you some insight into the world of Instagram famous cats! This fascinating feature explores how cats have taken over our online world, from the very first memes to celebrity cats on social media. 

With experts from Buzzfeed, Youtube and Instagram, including the owners of #catsofinstagram themselves, you’ll get a fascinating insight into why cats rule the net over dogs, and how certain cats are now rocking a following in the multi-millions. A documentary guaranteed to make you go ‘awwwh’. If anything, you’ll walk away with a handful of new cats to follow on Instagram for your daily dose of cuteness! (Much needed in these difficult and uncertain COVID-19 times!).

Tiger King

*Available on Netflix 

Big cats documentary star - Joe Exotic, posing with tiger

Maybe not the cute cat films you might be expecting. This true story, big cat series ranks on Number 1 on Netflix today (at the time of writing, 27th March). From the world of undercover big cat breeding in the United States, this documentary will have you gripped with many twists and turns as the cat series follows the feud between two big cat eccentrics which leads to a murder for hire.

In fact we found this documentary to be difficult to watch at times with blatant animal cruelty. But we included it to raise awareness of what terrible things are happening in the world. There will certainly be some cute tiger cubs, and scenes to pull on your heartstrings, but the world of big cat breeding for human gain needs to be exposed and rectified.

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Nine Lives 

*Available on Netflix 

nine lives

A work obsessed father finds himself trapped in the body of a cat, after buying his daughter a pet cat for her birthday. A comedy featuring Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner, the tale looks at how a neglectful father and husband can have his life turned upside down. 

Cat Walk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit

*Available on Netflix

cat walk front cover - netflix

This documentary looks into the lives of show cats, as their owners strive to get their furry feline crowned ‘Canada’s top cat’. Filled with an abundance of adorable felines, at the top of their game in the cat show world, this documentary demonstrates how not all cats are stay-at-home, don’t pick me up pets. And how a shared interest in show-cats can create a sense of community across a nation, and globally. 


The Adventures of Puss in Boots 

*Available on Netflix 

puss in boots - netflix

A family friendly cat animation, Puss in Boots is a spin off from Shrek. If you want a movie that is action-packed, entertaining and funny - this is one to watch during your time indoors! 

Cat-Themed Documentaries and Cat Films 

Cats are great for providing us comfort in our times of need. What better way is there to fill your empty days and nights than by binge-watching the best cat films? If you’ve come across some great movies or documentaries that aren’t on our list - get in touch - we’d love to hear from you! 


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