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Who creates Gus and Bella Box?
Gift ideas for cats

We wanted to create a young, fun and vibrant brand - that connected with a new generation of cat owners.

The brand was inspired by two London born and bred cats, Gus and Bella. From the moment their tiny paws entered the house, they became fully-fledged members of the family, and stole the hearts of their pet purrents Charlie & Emily.  

As indoor cats, we were constantly looking for new ways to entertain and care for G&B, to make sure they were both happy and healthy.

Gus & Bella Box was born out of a desire to help other cat owners find new ways to treat their cats - and occasionally themselves!

guss and bella box
Meet Gus & Bella

Each cat gift box aims to connect cats with their humans through a shared experience.

We’re not your average subscription, as each month we’ll aim to surprise and delight you with a theme and a golden ticket opportunity - to keep you on your toes and paws. Beyond adorable self care, beauty and lifestyle products for humans, and irresistible treats for cats, we’ll also provide guidance on how to entertain and care for your cat.

So sit back, smile, laugh, destress, or unwind.

We hope you and your cat will enjoy the gift of Gus & Bella Box.

Emily McMahon,


Gus & Bella

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