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15 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Loves You

Posted by Emily McMahon on
grey and white cat with heart plaque

Do cats love their owners? 

There is a common misconception that they don't, but this probably stems from people who don't have a cat in their life. They will tell you that dogs are more affectionate, with their wagging tails and slippery kisses. They will regale you with stories of how their canine friends are always glad to see them. And they will tell you that your cat isn't, in fact, your friend, but is merely an animal who sees itself as your master!  

So, you ask yourself: Does my cat really love me? Or is my cat merely using me for shelter and food? Well, you know the answer yourself, of course. Despite the misconceptions spearheaded by others, you know that your cat loves you thanks to the special bond you have with them. A recent study led by Dr Kristyn Vitale, of Oregon State University, found that cats show 'emotional bonds' to their humans, just like dogs and babies.

Dr Vitale's claims 'that when cats live in a state of dependency with a human, that attachment behaviour is flexible and the majority of cats use humans as a source of comfort.’

Fear not. The next time you ask yourself the question 'does my cat truly love me?' know that the answer is often yes, they just display their affectionate behaviour in a different way. Still not convinced? Take a look at our Top 15 signs that show how much your cat really cares.

15 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Loves You

Cat love sign #1: Your cat follows you around

Sure, your cat is probably being curious when they follow you around, inspecting your every move with an inquisitive stare. But your cat is also following you because they want to be near you. They will be hoping you will give them a little bit of loving attention to match the attention they are giving you. 

Cat love sign #2: Your cat waits for you to come home

black cat sat waiting in window

How many times have you arrived home and noticed your cat waiting in the window for you? How many times have you been greeted with a rub along your foot when you have opened your front door? You're home, and your cat is very glad to see you!

Cat love sign #3: Your cat lets you give them a belly rub

The belly is the most vulnerable part of a cat, so don't expect them to let just anybody give them a rub and a tickle in this sensitive area. But you on the other hand? If they open up their belly to you, they are showing you how much they trust you.

Cat love sign #4: Your cat rubs against you

This is the way your cat shows affection to you. And when they do rub against you or gently butt their head against yours, they are releasing pheromones to mark you as their territory. They are telling you that you belong to them, as much as they belong to you. 

Cat love sign #5: Your cat purrs when being stroked

Cats might purr for a variety of reasons, and not only because they are happy. However, if your cat is snuggled up on your lap looking cute and content, then you can assume their purr is the result of their love and affection for you. 

Cat love sign #6: Your cat sleeps on your bed

cat covers it's eyes with paws Cats love their owners

Okay, so your cat might take up half the bed, or wake you up in the night, but when you're snuggled up in bed, with your cat near your side, feel glad that they want to be near you.

Cat love sign #7: Your cat gives you a slow, long blink

Studies on feline body language suggest that, in the feline world, a slow, long blink in your direction is a sign of trust and affection for you. Try returning a blink to your cat to share your love for them, and see if they return another blink back to you. 

Cat love sign #8: Your cat meows at you

cat meowing at person

Sure, your cat might be asking for food when meowing at you, but a friendly meow is also your cat's way of telling you that they love you. Try meowing back and have a conversation with your feline friend.

Cat love sign #9: Your cat brings you presents

Okay, so that dead mouse or bird on your doorstep isn't exactly the kind of thing you would order for yourself from Amazon. Nonetheless, this is your cat's way of showing their appreciation to you. Think about that the next time you are tempted to scold your cat for the gift that has been left for you. 

Cat love sign #10: Your cat gets jealous

The next time your cat sits on your laptop while you're working, know that it's probably because they are jealous of the blasted machine! Your cat wants your attention, and wants it now, even if it means doing something to distract you from your screen to get it. 

Cat love sign #11: Your cat sits on you

It might be your knee, your arm, or your belly. It might even be your head. Wherever it is, know that it is further evidence that your cat wants nothing more than to be with you.

Cat love sign #12: Your cat stares at you

black cat lazing on sofa Do cats love humans?

Creepy yes, but cat stares can be a sign of affection. So, the next time you spot your cat looking at you, be assured they are probably trying to bond with you and not plotting to attack you. 

Cat love sign #13: Your cat bites you

And when we say bite, we mean a playful nibble and not a painful bloody drawing bite! If it's the latter, you have probably annoyed them. But if it's the former, know that this is a way that cats display affection.

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Cat love sign #14: Your cat grooms you

Your cat doesn't groom you because it's high time you sorted out your personal hygiene! Cats do it to mingle their scent with yours, which is one way your cat will try to connect with you. 

Cat love sign #15: Your cat doesn't say "no" when you ask: "Do you truly love me?"

Take your cat's silence as proof that yes, they do love you. Then take extra assurance when your feline companion cuddles up next to you, licks you on the hand, and purrs quietly in your arms!

lady cuddling her tabby cat

Paws for thought

Despite what some people might say, cats do love their owners; they just do it differently to dogs.This piece explains why we develop such a close bond, so use the research given if you need to convince your dog-owning friends.

So, if you prefer to spend time with your cat on Valentine's Day, go ahead. If other people try to convince you that your cat doesn't love you, show them our list. You have a special bond with your feline companion, so give them a cuddle, play with them for a while, and give them that long, slow stare to let your cat know that you love them. 

It's a purrfect relationship!

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