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5 Golden Rules for Fit & Healthy Cats

Posted by Emily McMahon on
cat in a gus and bella cardboard box

In the UK alone, it’s estimated that 53% of cats are overweight or obese*. 

By following a few simple steps you can ensure your cat gets plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and happy this summer, and all year round!

Not sure if your cat is overweight? have a series of images to help you determine if your pet is a healthy weight. Ranging from very thin to obese, you can check which image most closely resembles your pet

1. Plenty of playtime!

Not only does playtime strengthen the bond between owner and pet, it will help your cat stay fit and healthy. Schedule in several play sessions per day, in 10 minute bursts. If your cat stays indoors, then regularly change up and rotate their toys to keep things interesting for them. 

Sometimes it can seem as though cats aren’t interested in play. But don’t just give up! Try different types of toys, keep play sessions to short bursts and introduce treats into games, either through treat balls or similar toys. So playtime never gets boring, make sure you bring in a variety of different types of games (things they can hit, chase, jump onto, climb into, and scratch).

grey and white Cat playing

2. Scratch Time! 

Provide a scratching post that is stable and tall enough for your cat to exercise at full-body stretch. If it’s not, they may resort to your sofa. Eeeek!

Cat with scratch post

3. Controlled access to the outdoors (if possible)

It’s not always possible or favourable to let your cat outdoors, but when it is, here are some ideas: 

For cats that go outside, it can be safer to let them explore during the day time, and keep them indoors during the night. The saying ‘like a rabbit caught in the headlights’ stands true for cats too, as they can become paralysed by oncoming car lights. This may be worth considering if you live close to traffic. 

Cat at night time

Even if your cat stays inside, it’s sometimes possible to introduce the outdoors in a secure environment. The fashionable catio has seen a sharp rise in popularity. The secure, fenced enclosure is usually attached to the owner’s house and can allow cats to roam safely. Just take a look on Pinterest and search 'Catio' - you'll be amazed at some owners creativity. 

Another option is teaching your cat to walk on a harness. This is usually more successful when taught at a young age. In reality, it’s more like following your cat on a loose leash - but make sure to take extra precautions for hazards outside. 

Cat on leech

4. Different things to explore

Cats love having different levels to play on and perching in high places. You could even install some shelves or runways on the wall. Multi-tiered cat furniture or even just a cardboard box, can provide hours of entertainment and exercise.

5. The right level of treating 

Gus & Bella Box is designed to meet your cats needs on a monthly basis. With a varied selection of toys - chosen to stimulate your cats senses & encourage exercise - plus a selection of natural, high protein and healthy food samples & treats - you'll be giving your cat the excitement they crave.

As an added bonus, you get to join in with the fun - with 2-3 items included just for humans - all tailored to one of our adorable monthly themes. 

Each box also has a guide to keeping your cat both healthy and happy, so you'll never be short of ideas to keep your cat looking and feeling their best.

cat in a gus and bella box

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