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2 Cat-Themed Cocktail Recipes to Need to Try

Posted by Emily McMahon on
2 Cat-Themed Cocktail Recipes to Need to Try

Cat obsessed and not afraid to show it? Bored of standard cocktails?

Try out our easy-to-make cat-themed cocktail recipes - purrfect for any special occasion or celebrating all things cats!

The Ginger Tom 

A twist on the classic Aperol Spritz.


Ice cubes

Freeze Aperol (a bright orange Italian liquor purchased in most supermarkets) into your paw-shaped ice mould. Add 3 frozen Aperol cubes to a glass, with 1 part Aperol, 1 part prosecco and 2 parts soda. Enjoy alfresco, Italian style. 

orange cocktail drink with two cat straws


The Coco Meow 

Paw shaped ice cube


2 shots of rum
1/2 cup of coconut water or pineapple juice
Squeeze of lime
1 Tbsp. sugar
Coconut shavings as desired

Stir rum, coconut water, and sugar together. Add a squeeze of lime and a good sprinkle of coconut shavings. Serve with a cat-themed straw, available to purchase on ETSY and if you're really serious - paw shaped ice cubes. 

Cat-themed cocktail

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