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ANSWERS: How well do you understand cats? [QUIZ]


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Q. 1. Cats have lots of talents, but what is their strongest sense?
A. 1. 'Hearing'

Fun cat fact:
Cats' hearing is more sensitive than ours, or a dog’s, which enables them to hunt at night and even detect the sound of an ant in the grass. They have difficulty seeing static objects, and deciphering between different colours, but at night, a cat's pupils widen to let in more light and their acute hearing helps them detect prey in motion.

Q. 2. How many hours a day do cats sleep on average?
A. 2. 16-17 hours a day

Q. 3. What historical civilizations worshiped cats?
A. 3. Egyptians

Q. 4. Cats love high up perches, why so:
A. 4. So they feel completely safe and secure

Q. 5. What % of cats react to quality catnip products:
A. 5. 70-80%

Q. 6. What plants are toxic to cats?
A. 6. Lilies

Q. 7. Cats can healthily live from an entirely vegetarian/ vegan diet?
A. 7. False

Q. 8. When a cat's tail is flicking from side to side, low to the ground, it is a sign they are:
A. 8. Annoyed

Q. 9. Cats like to scratch, why so:
A. 9. To sharpen their claws to catch prey and mark their territory

Q. 10. A cat staring at you and slowly blinking can mean:
A. 10. That they trust or love you

Q. 11. Why do adult cats meow?
A. 11. To communicate with people

Q. 12. What human food below is toxic/harmful to cats?
A. 12. All of the above


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