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Are catnip sticks safe to chew on?

Posted by Emily McMahon on
Are catnip sticks safe to chew on?

Catnip or silver vine is naturally appealing to most cats and can affect them in different ways causing them to; purr, meow, rub their face, roll on their back, or chew the given item.

Catnip can be a great way to get couch potato cats to exercise more. By throwing or batting the catnip toy, you can encourage your cat to run after the item and stay active, which helps in maintaining a healthy weight for your cat. 

cat on catnip

Is it safe for cats to ingest catnip or silver vine sticks? 

Catnip or silver vine leaf sticks are considered safe and non-toxic for cats - but what happens when cats ingest or chew on catnip sticks? 

King Catnip, the producer of a range of catnip toys, suggest that catnip stalks are great at maintaining dental health. When your cat chews on the bark it naturally flosses their teeth, and the catnip will help stimulate playful behaviour.

We called on the London Animal Hospital who advised that catnip sticks were safe, and non toxic to cats. But as an added precaution they advised that play sessions should be supervised, and if the stick does become particularly chewed or destroyed, then you could replace it with a new one or throw away just in case of splinters. 

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