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15 signs you are the BEST Cat Mum (or Dad!)

Posted by Emily McMahon on
brown haired girl cuddling with white fluffy cat

Are you a super Cat Mum (or Dad!)? Read on to discover 15 tell-tale signs that your cat is living its best life…

1. You don’t get too angry when they wake you up in the night

grey cat asleep on white bed

If your cat jumps on the bed and wakes you up in the middle of the night, you don’t really mind, even if your partner is throwing a hissy fit over it.

2. You love spending a night in with your cat

Who needs cocktails with the girls when you can cuddle up to your cat?

3. You don’t mind splashing out to make your cat happy

illustrations of cat toys and products

Money spent on your cat is money well spent! If you’ve spent a few quid in your time on play toys for your cat, you’re definitely a super cat mum. This is especially important for indoor cats, as they need more stimulation and play time. Plus, with scratching posts, you can consider them mutually beneficial. This is because they can help to curb bad cat behaviour. Not only do they ensure your cat burns off their energy, but it stops your pet from scratching your wooden cabinets instead!

4. Sharing is caring

You are happy to share stuff with your cat, whether it is your bed, your food, your personal space..! Of course, we do recommend that you draw the line somewhere - sharing a bath would be a little weird for any cat owner!

5. You’ll clean up after them

illustration of a cat with a litter tray

Imagine cleaning up after your partner. Oh, the chore! How dare they! The commotion when they don’t even put dish dish away after dinner. But when it comes to our cats, cleaning their litter tray is a part of our daily life, and we don’t even seem to mind - (that much!)

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6. You never kick your cat off your chair

tabby cat wearing a pink bow

The cat is sat on your chair, you know your place and sit on another chair instead of kicking them off… alternatively you pick them up, and snuggle underneath them!

7. Your cat rules the roost in your house

Can your cat always twist your finger and end up with more treats then you intended to give them?

8. You spend a lot of time deciding what food your cat would like the most

cat eating from a bowl

Do you find that you spend a lot of time walking up and down the cat food isle in Pets at Home, or your local supermarket ? You may even splurge on natural products and healthy treats. More and more cat owners are ensuring their pet is well-fed by only buying natural and free-from products. Your cat probably has a better diet than you do!

9. You miss your cat when you are not at home

Even if you are on the best holiday ever, you find yourself wondering whether your cat is okay. You’re secretly looking forward to when you can be reunited with them!

10. Your cat always greets you with a warm welcome

When it comes to happy cat signs, this is right up there! If your cat runs up to meet you when you get in from work, you know you’re in the good books.

11. You spend a lot of hours having one-way conversations with them

girl with her cat on a bed

Whoever said conversations were a two-way stream? Your best conversations are with your cat. You can talk for hours on end and you don’t even need a response.

12. Your cat is a social sleeper

white kitten, sleeping

A happy cat is often a social sleeper. What does this mean? Well, rather than sleeping a lot and hiding away, your cat will curl up to you on the surfer or sleep with other cats if you have more than one.

13. Playtime is a fun time for you both

If you enjoy playing as much as your cat does, you’re certainly a great cat mum. While older cats may play less, they still enjoy interacting with their owner.

14. Your cat is confident

tabby kitten in the grass

You may think that you have simply got a sassy cat on your hands, but this is actually a sign of a content animal. If your cat is confident in its life with you - and naturally curious about the world about it, this shows that it is definitely living life to the fullest.

15. Your cat doesn’t shut up!

Remember earlier when we said about having one-way conversations with your cat. Well, if you were thinking that your conversations are more of a two-way thing, don’t worry, you’re still nailing this! When cats meow and purr, this is a good sign, especially when their noises are high-pitched. If they’re lower pitched, it could be that they want something and are frustrated. 

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